Emerging Markets Equity Commentary | Q2 2022

Quarterly Letter

Uncertainty stemming from inflationary concerns, tightening central bank policies, and prospects of slowing economic activity weighed on emerging markets.  Unlike previous drawdowns, emerging market equities fared better than broad markets (MSCI EM -11.4%, MSCI ACWI’s -15.7%).  The Altrinsic Emerging Markets Opportunities portfolio outperformed the MSCI Emerging Markets Index in the second quarter by 0.6%, as measured in US dollars.  Like most equity portfolios, ours was not immune to the market downdrafts, but we are confident in our positioning and encouraged by the investment propositions offered by a growing number of companies with strong long-term fundamentals and attractive valuations.  Key contributors to our relative outperformance included our differentiated exposure to real estate, our overweight position and select investments in India, and our underweight exposures in materials and information technology.